March 24th 2015

Latest Universal Tablet Mount is Here!

We are pleased to announce that the Universal Tablet  from TheGigEasy has now been improved  with a new pivot knob to allow heavier tablets to be accomodated even more securely.

GigEasy Universal Tablet Mount

The Universal Tablet Mount can now accomodate the full iPad range including iPad Mini and iPad Air as well as almost any Tablet from Samsung, Google &  Sony, Also suitable for Kindle and Tesco Hudl!

TheGigEasy Universal Tablet Mount.

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Gig Easy Apple iPad & Tablet Mounts - use your favourite Apps.

As European distributors for US manufacturers, The Gig Easy, we can offer a range of mounts to enable iPad owners to safely use their favourite Apps whatever the application. Gig Easy can be used with microphone stands, Manhasset Music Stands, camera tripods or even Vesa mounts.  TheGigEasy fits iPad, iPad2, iPad3 and iPad4 models and the ill-fated HPTouchPad

Now with the Universal Tablet Mount, an exciting new addition to the range, you can also accomodate the iPad Air and a whole host of other Tablets.

Above all TheGigEasy allows one handed tilt and unlimited rotation without having to unscrew the mount - great design, the image below shows the new Version, even more discrete with clear arms and unobstructed rear facing camera operation. Please contact us if you need GigEasy for your original release iPad.

SM2C Gig Easy Microphone Adapter Mount   

These mounts are of the highest quality, with metal components to ensure safe and secure usage in demanding professional environments. Ideal for performance, studio use or just when learning new work, these stands are quick to fit and unobtrusive. With the optional extension bracket they can be attached to the Mic Stand and can still be rotated through 360 degrees so very simple to move from portrait to landscape. Totally flexible so you can use your favourite Apps, in the way you want to use them. Don't forget to add an AirTurn BT 105 for hands free page turns.

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Already widely used by musicians in the States, they are finding new friends with Djs, lecturers, business presenters and in church groups. They are even being used at exhibitions for displays, to collect infomation and for electronic voting - Finally people are beginning to understand what the iPad is all about and as they find new uses so the Gig Easy is becoming an indespensible accessory. Click Here to contact Us now for more great ideas.

The image below shows the original iPad version of the SM3C microphone adapter mount,
SM3C Gig Easy Mic Attachment
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